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ONLINE STORE NOTICE:  Due to a family emergency, we have suspended the online product links.  We expect to have our full line updated and online as soon as we are able.

Please pardon our site presentation during this unexpected emergency.

Welcome to the American Quilt Store Online!

Our online store carries the same high quality American reproduction fabrics that we offer at quilt shows including manufacturers such as Baum, Marcus Brothers, RJR and Windham among others.  We rotate our fabric selections so please notify us of any specific collections you would like to see and we will seek to include them here as well as at the quilt shows we attend.

All of the quilt fabrics are reproductions dating from the early 1800's through the 1930's (I have included a few sneaky modern ones that blend beautifully with the historic) and are made from 100% cotton fabric.

We have tried to make our online shopping experience as simple as possible by grouping fabrics by color.  The fabric collections are grouped together on our "Fabric Collections" page.  Please see our ordering page to review our processing method.  Our website is secured and we use PayPal so your orders are safe and secure.

We hope you enjoy turning them into breathtaking quilts.



We are happy to announce that one of my patterns has been published in the June, 2008 issue (#54) of Fabrications Magazine!  It's called "A Border Quilt Variant".  Here's an image of the quilt.  Unfortunately, due to the lead time (the quilt was made in December) the fabrics used are no longer available.  I do have another selection of fabrics in a similar color palette. 

I have also included a scrappy version of the quilt for you below:

Please click on either picture for a larger image.


This pattern is called "Stars and Stripes" and is an example that I made for the Theme Category at the Quilts UK 2009 show in Spring in Malvern, which we sponsored.

I have completed the pattern for this quilt which is easy to do although there are set in seams. But, it did come together without too much trouble!  

This pattern is available in the February, 2009 issue (#58) of Fabrications Magazine!

Please click on the picture for a larger image.

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Please stop by and see us at the Quilt Shows in the UK. 

2013 UK Quilt Shows:

Loch Lomond Quilt Show - Scotland - May 15 to May 18, 2013

Quilts UK - Malvern, England - May 16 to May 29, 2013
At each show we'll have our full fabric selection, including new quilt fabrics and collections.  We'll also have our books, patterns and packets available.

Please stop by and say "hi" at our booth at the shows!

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